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Cryptocurrency is quickly changing the ways in which funds are used and exchanged. Many people are unaware that cryptocurrency and its associated blockchains need intellectual property protection. However, anyone who conducts blockchain business or wishes to create a new NFT should seek the help of a New Orleans blockchain intellectual property lawyer to be sure their blockchain is copyrighted, patented, or trademarked in order to protect their transactions and funds.

At The Bradley Law Firm, our crypto IP protection attorney can help with your cryptocurrency blockchain copyrighting, patents, and trademark needs. Your blockchain code is unique in form and function and can help protect your use of technology, whether for cryptocurrency, logistics, medicine, or other fields that utilize this programming. If you’re located in the New Orleans metro area, our team can help answer your questions about the protections you may need.

New Orleans Blockchain Intellectual Property Lawyer

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a method of storing information in a decentralized way. Many companies and individuals store information this way to reduce the risk of hacking, fraudulent activity, and more. Blockchain is used for the storage and transaction trails for cryptocurrency and to store ownership records of non-fungible tokens. In addition, blockchains are public in that anyone is able to access their records.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property reflects businesses’ and individuals’ unique ideas. The businesses and individuals in question want to protect their intellectual property from use by others without their permission. By registering intellectual property, you create the legal protections you need to bring litigation against those who may violate the rights to your idea. Intellectual property is broken into four categories, including:

  • Trade secrets. This refers to the specific information that gives a business a competitive advantage over others. Examples of this type of intellectual property include recipes for food companies, new inventions, computer software, processes, and more. Trade secrets are generally considered to be protected as long as the company actively operates in a way that seeks to protect it.
  • Patents. Patents are issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which offers limited protection for new inventions. To be considered for patent protections, the idea must be non-obvious and useful. This could include new processes, compositions of matter, and much more. When an individual is issued a patent for their intellectual property, it is protected from the use, sale, or manufacturing of the property without their permission.
  • Copyrights. Copyrights are assigned to intellectual property that requires a type of authorship. Often, it is associated with works of literature, art, and music. However, it can also apply to forms of architecture and computer software. Copyrights are considered automatic, but it is always recommended to seek registration for your IP in order to prove its originality in case of potential litigation.
  • Trademarks. Under trademark protections, words, phrases, and symbols can be protected from use by others. Often, these are specific symbols that identify a company or a group, such as the logo of a major brand. Trademark protections rarely expire, as they are in place for the length in which the symbol, phrase, or word is used by the registrant.

Blockchain Technology and Intellectual Property Protection

Because intellectual property can be protected in four ways, you may have questions regarding how your individual or business blockchain may be protected. Most commonly, copyrights and patents are used to protect the use and development of blockchain. However, it can be complicated to understand how these protections are in place.

Copyrighting specific elements of the software code could be possible, as writing code is similar to writing a work of literature or creating a piece of art. However, there could be complications because much of the code may exist in other forms of blockchains.

Patenting is one of the most common and most recommended ways of protecting a unique blockchain program. However, like copyrighting, there are complications with this process. Generally, most blockchain intellectual property protections in the form of a patent are issued a utility patent. Blockchains may also be issued a design patent for the way they display information to the user.

The blockchain technology that has been issued a patent includes innovations such as digital wallets, data structures, validation methods, and new protocols and procedures for storing data.

As blockchain technology continues to develop, it is recommended to speak with an attorney, such as those at The Bradley Law Firm, who can help review your intellectual property and determine its eligibility for protection.

FAQs About New Orleans, LA Blockchain Intellectual Property Laws

How Do I Find a Good IP Lawyer?

When searching for a lawyer who can help with your intellectual property needs, you should consider five crucial areas. Find an attorney who understands your specific needs, has experience and knowledge in the field, holds the credentials that allow them to represent you, comes recommended by others, and is willing to consult with you to answer questions. You should be comfortable with your attorney.

Is There Such a Thing as a Crypto Lawyer?

Crypto lawyers represent their clients in the areas of law that speak to cryptocurrencies and related technologies. They can assist with contract negotiations and can represent your business in any disputes that may arise. In addition, they can also offer advice on how cryptocurrency could be impacted by taxes.

What Are the 4 Types of Intellectual Property?

The four types of intellectual property include trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Each type seeks to protect the individual or business that creates the IP from use by others. With the right protections in place, any violations or infringements of that intellectual property can justify legal action against the offender, which could result in compensation.

What Type of Lawyer Is Knowledgeable About Copyright Laws and Royalty Contracts?

Attorneys who are familiar with entertainment law or intellectual property can assist with claims that involve copyright infringements or royalty contracts. In some instances, royalties are paid to those who have registered intellectual property as a part of the permissions to use the registered material. When disputes arise, an attorney can negotiate and argue on your behalf against those who are infringing on your rights.

Jefferson Parish Blockchain Intellectual Property Lawyer

Blockchain technology is an ever-evolving branch of the crypto, NFT, and data processing and collecting fields. The Bradley Law Firm helps our clients involved in these fields protect their blockchain-related intellectual property. Jarred Bradley has an in-depth understanding of IP law, blockchain technology, and how to protect his clients’ rights. Get the protection you deserve by contacting our attorney today.

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