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The Bradley Law Firm was formed in 2011 by Jarred P. Bradley.

Jarred Bradley graduated from the University of New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  He then attended the Paul M. Hebert LSU Law Center and graduated with a Juris Doctor and Graduate Diploma in Civil Law in 2009. Jarred returned to UNO to receive his Masters of Business Administration.

Jarred currently works with Gold Star Films, In addition, Jarred is the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for All Star Electric, Inc., which is one of the largest electrical subcontractors in the New Orleans metro region. 

Jarred’s work and educational background allows The Bradley Law Firm to offer not only legal services, but business consulting services as well. Please inquire about your business needs.

If you are a movie production, sales, or distribution company, please contact The Bradley Law Firm about tax credits, gap financing, and equity investments. The Bradley Law Firm is General Counsel to Gold Star Films, LLC  which invests and produces movies in the New Orleans area.




Legal Services

Jarred Bradley and The Bradley Law Firm consults non-profit and for-profit businesses and individuals on a variety of issues. The Bradley Law Firm can help an individual or business incorporate or organize as a limited liability company, and navigate through the corporation laws on voting, electing directors and officers, and setting up and maintaining a board and shareholders. Employment law is also important. The Federal government gives many rights to employees and citizens that employers need to be aware.

Disabilities, medical information, wages, and hours worked all have significant laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed.

The Bradley Law Firm can handle construction claims including liens, consulting on delay damages, and contract review. Construction law is especially important in Louisiana due to the many publicly and privately funded projects in process due to recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

In addition, The Bradley Law Firm has the ability to consult businesses on budgeting, operations, risk management, and Productivity.


Construction Law

Construction law is a specialized field that deals with the following issues:

Contract negotiation

Delay claims and damages

Back charge claims

Subcontract negotiation

Risk Management

Liens and Litigation

Mediation and Arbitration

Public and private bidding

AIA billing FEMA and State funding

Individual Services

As a general practice, The Bradley Law Firm can handle a variety of issues:

Wills and Trusts


Vehicle and property transfer


Personal Injury

Commercial Law

The Bradley Law Firm can help individuals and companies with the following:


Organizing a Limited Liability Company

Incorporating a non-profit

Contract negotiation

Leases and Loans

Shareholder rights

Board of Directors

Bylaws of corporations

Transfer of vehicles and properties

Employment Law



The Bradley Law Firm can bill hourly, by project, or on a contingency fee arrangement. Please call for options relating to your matter.


Legal Services

Jarred Bradley and The Bradley Law Firm work with Gold Star Films, LLC and other companies to handle contract negotiation, investments, tax credits, and distribution planning for your Louisiana film.

Jarred has personally worked on many films to consult investors, tax credits purchasers, and producers on all aspects of film.

Please call to set up an appointment for your concern or a list of films The Bradley Law Firm has worked on.